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If you’re serious about preserving a youthful appearance but don’t want to splurge on expensive beauty procedures or go under the knife with invasive and scary surgeries, then you’ll LOVE the Jade Roller! This all natural double-sided roller is long believed to have healing and protective properties and has been a staple in Chinese skincare routines for centuries.

Now, you can experience the anti-aging, improved circulation, de-puffing, and other benefits in as little as 2 minutes a day!

As long as anyone can remember, women everywhere have been doing just about everything in their power to retain a youthful appearance, especially as they begin to creep towards middle age. Typically, a duller looking complexion along with pesky fine lines and wrinkles are the first culprits to arrive on the middle aged scene. Luckily, our jade roller presents an all-natural and non-invasive way to target both of the aforementioned signs of aging and so much more!

Completely devoid of dangerous chemicals and irritants, jade rollers offer a wide range of benefits to the complexion that can be attained in as little as 2 minutes a day! By simply using one of the rollers – the smaller for around the delicate eye area and the larger for anywhere else – you can quickly tackle puffiness from fatigue, increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, brighten dark under eye circles, achieve a more glowing complexion, and even combat fine lines and wrinkles.

To use the Jade Roller, we recommend starting at the center of the face and rolling outwards toward the hairline, then rolling downwards toward the jaw. Next, roll from the chin back towards the ear and down the sides of the neck. Rolling from center areas of the face outward can help send toxins towards the center of the body where they can be better processed and eliminated.

When rolling, try to work in sections moving up and down the face in rows and rolling each direction at least 3 times before adjusting to a new area.

When rolling around the eyes, use the smaller roller and start towards the inner corner of the eyes, always making sure you are being gentle on this delicate part of the face. From there, roll outwards towards the temples at least 3 times.

Now, you can forget all about waking up with a puffy face… even if you only managed 4 hours of sleep because you were too busy attending to baby, preparing for a huge presentation at work, or simply binging the latest season of whatever is popular on Netflix.

Regular use of our jade roller may also help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, especially when used in conjunction with a great antiaging serum!

Get more mileage out of your skincare products by using the jade roller after applying your favorite products, namely your beauty oil or serum. This will not only provide a delicate slip to the skin that makes rolling even more enjoyable, but will also help the skin better absorb the products… meaning both your products will work better for you and you won’t have to use as much. Win!

Aside from the many skin and health benefits, our Jade Roller also alleviates tension and can help with toning facial contours, leading to a more sculpted appearance by way of encouraging lymphatic drainage and toning up muscles we often neglect in our workouts, such as the jaw and neck.

If you want to feel especially refreshed, consider storing your jade roller in the fridge for an extra cooling and reinvigorating sensation that will leave you feel totally awake and energized, ready to take on the day.

Customer Testimonials:

“For whatever reason… I’ve always woken up with a really puffy face in the morning that I struggle to depuff quickly, which leads to me having to get up extra early so I don’t look like a balloon at the office. After finding this jade roller, I no longer have to get up as early and can instead just gently roll my face for about 2-3 minutes and look instantly less puffy and awake! I can’t imagine my morning routine without this device, it’s such a game changer!”

Lisa Anne Miami, FL

“As a skincare fanatic, I’ve tried just about everything under the sun to keep myself looking as youthful as possible. Pushing 50, I thought I had tried just about everything until I came across the jade roller. Let me just say w-o-w, what a difference this little guy has made in the overall appearance of my skin. After use, my skin is always left looking more glowing and a little firmer.”

Simone Willard Los Angeles, CA

“This was recommended to me by my esthetician and OMG I don’t know how I ever lived without it?! The way it helps my skincare products absorb fully into the skin has helped take about 10 years off my face. I’ve had friends ask if I got work done. Don’t second guess purchasing this magic tool… just get it!!!”

Jennifer Tharan San Diego, CA
Features and Benefits: • Highly relaxing and can help alleviate tension and headaches • Allows for better absorption from skincare • De-puffs both the face and under eye in as little as 2 minutes • Naturally reduce inflammation for a more even tone • All natural, free of chemicals and irritants • Promotes better circulation • Encourages lymphatic drainage • Diminishes dullness and adds a healthy glow to skin • Can help to tone facial features for a more sculpted appearance